Gonzales, LA


The City of Gonzales had staffing challenges, so timely manual meter reading was difficult. They often used estimated monthly usage, and billing cycles varied between six-week and two-week cycles. The outdated technology compounded these problems, leaving customers frustrated with the inaccuracy and inconsistency in their water bills.

The project began as a pilot project to replace 500 difficult-to-reach, manually read water meters with a drive-by solution. During the pilot, The City learned about the netAMP program, which exceeded all its requirements and eliminated budgetary barriers.


netAMP®, the industry's first Metering-as-a-Service (MaaS) Program:

  • AMI Equipment
  • AMI Software
  • AMI Services, including planning and readiness, installation, integration, training, maintenance, and support.
  • Reduced meter reading time by 71%
  • Increased City revenues with more accurate and timely billing
  • Minimized labor, gas, and vehicle maintenance costs previously associated with manual meter reading
  • Retained potentially lost revenue by detecting leaks early - Within the first month, the City was automatically alerted of an undetectable pool leak using 700 gallons of water an hour!

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Water Residents


Wastewater Residents

AMI Endpoints


"netAMP gives us an Advanced Metering Solution that we didn't even know was possible with our budget. We upgraded all 5,000 endpoints throughout the city leveraging a fixed, monthly subscription and then passed the subscription cost to our customers. It's a win-win for the City and for our residents."

Barney Arceneaux


"Our customer confidence and satisfaction sky-rocketed since implementing netAMP. Customers went from very inaccurate and irregular billing cycles to a stable, reliable bill."

Jackie Baumann

Chief Engineer at The City of Gonzales

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