We’ve Redefined Metering-as-a-Service.

Empowering Utilities with Advanced Solutions for Success

netAMP® offers a comprehensive Metering-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution, redefining traditional metering upgrades. This innovative program is designed to streamline the transition to advanced metering by handling all deployment aspects—from planning and installation to integration, training, maintenance, and support—on behalf of your utility. With netAMP, you will benefit from one comprehensive solution to easily upgrade inaccurate metering and to enhance billing and customer service capabilities. By removing the complexities of AMI upgrades, netAMP allows utilities to focus on its primary mission: delivering accurate and reliable water services to the community.

The industry’s first subscription-based metering program delivers all the equipment, meters, software, and services you need to upgrade antiquated infrastructures for a simple per-meter, per-month fee. We simplify AMI (Advanced Metering) upgrades and streamline the process by doing all the hard work for you.

netAMP also eliminates the need for upfront capital investment, giving utilities a complete meter replacement program, agile upgrades, and maintenance cycles.

Introducing the netAMP® Program

The Industry’s First Subscription-Based Metering

  • Accelerates AMI implementation

  • Provides all AMI equipment, meters, software, and services

  • Operational analysis, including billing data validation and normalization

  • Annual infrastructure and network monitoring, along with performance evaluations

  • Eliminates the need for upfront capital investment

  • Includes all future software upgrades and services

  • Comprehensive review of current business processes and mapping of future state workflows

  • Provides all AMI equipment, meters, software, and services

  • Full management of all warranty-related aspects of the project


We develop a custom Advanced Metering Plan that takes you from deployment and carries you through the lifecycle of your new AMI technology.


We approach your data as an asset that should be defined, implemented, and managed as part of the MaaS Program.


We bring the expertise to deploy your new Advanced Metering technology and we stay with you throughout the lifespan of your investment.


netAMP also includes annual monitoring and maintenance—streamlining the lifecycle of your investment—without adding to your staff’s already heavy workload.

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