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UMS specializes in providing an array of technical services tailored for utilities and municipalities embarking on Advanced Metering upgrade initiatives. Our services encompass everything from the preliminary stages of design and procurement to the hands-on phases of installation and project management, extending to continual monitoring and staff support. We aim to seamlessly bridge the gap between your existing operational frameworks and the innovative metering solutions required for a successful transformation. No matter where you are in the metering upgrade journey, UMS offers the expertise and capabilities to facilitate each step forward.

Streamline Your Utility Programs with UMS

Opting for UMS signifies embracing a holistic, all-encompassing approach to revolutionizing your meter reading operations. Our comprehensive services span the complete spectrum of the metering upgrade journey, ensuring seamless progression from the initial stages of program design to the meticulous execution of deployment and extending into business continuity services. With our unparalleled expertise, underscored by millions of meters successfully deployed nationwide, we boast a real-world understanding of the nuanced complexities of modernizing your metering infrastructure.

As practical problem-solvers, we are poised to tackle the technical hurdles synonymous with metering upgrade endeavors. Our approach is designed to demystify the convoluted aspects of AMI projects, streamlining the upgrade process to ensure minimal disruption of your current operation, and the upgrade achieves peak efficiency and culminates in successfully realizing your targeted objectives.

Why choose UMS?

We’re your partner for a successful metering upgrade project.

Embark on your metering project with confidence as UMS guides you through the essential steps required to prepare your organization for the upgrade. We offer comprehensive support from the outset, helping you craft a detailed plan, marshal necessary resources, and make informed decisions on system design, network architecture, and procurement. Our goal is to fully prepare your organization for the successful implementation of an upgraded metering program.

Transition to deployment with UMS as your ally and installation services provider. We’re committed to facilitating a smooth upgrade with our installation and data management services by prioritizing quality, safety, and efficiency throughout the process. Our Advanced Metering deployment services ensure field data is captured and transmitted to existing and relevant systems, enabling utilities to harness the full potential of their new advanced metering setup.

The journey doesn’t end with deployment. Effective maintenance is crucial for the ongoing success of any Advanced Metering program. UMS provides regular monitoring and maintenance services packages to ensure your system continues operating at its optimal levels, quickly addressing and resolving any issues.

Discover the future of metering with netAMP®, UMS’s groundbreaking Metering-as-a-Service(MaaS) offering. This innovative solution covers the entire spectrum of your metering program's needs—from strategic planning and design through implementation to continuous support and monitoring—all under a straightforward, subscription-based model. Experience comprehensive metering support, billed transparently per meter per month.

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