Pre-Deployment Services

Creating your roadmap before you start the journey – designing your project and preparing the organization for change.

Streamlining Utility Programs for Optimal Efficiency and Organization

It is important to understand what the roadmap for success looks like for any project:

  • How will you deploy?

  • What is the right technology to utilize?

  • How will you design your systems and processes to ensure the highest efficiency level for the new technology you’re deploying?

All these decisions must occur during the pre-deployment phase, setting you up for a successful advanced metering project that can be delivered on time, on budget, and with the intended benefits. UMS has worked with hundreds of utilities to provide this type of planning and has successfully deployed design, procurement, and business readiness plans based on our real-world project experience to help utilities create the ideal roadmap for deployment.

UMS Pre-Deployment Essentials

Our Pre-deployment services help utilities get the most operational efficiency and cost savings from Advanced Metering by planning all phases of the project, managing risks and resources, enhancing data integrity, fostering transparency and trust among all stakeholders, and tracking performance according to plan, budget, and scope. Our pre-deployment services will touch on everything required for a successful project—from integration and network design to the appropriate procurement strategy to readying the organization for embracing the new technology.

Unlocking Success with UMS Pre-Deployment Advantages

Our in–field experiences give our team a unique perspective on deploying projects – specifically, what items need to be addressed at the front end of the project to ensure success. Working with UMS will allow you to tap into our vast knowledge of all the components that need to be in place before deployment to improve outcomes of the system. Our proven processes and methodologies are the cornerstone of our services and deliver successful, tailored solutions – every time.

Efficient and Safety-Centric Approach to Meter Installation Projects

Our approach to Pre-deployment focuses on the following areas: 


Our installation members have an average of 5-10 years of meter installation experience which includes quality control, troubleshooting, and situational analyses.


We work with you to identify what the best procurement strategy for your utility might be, and how to navigate the procurement process and negotiate with vendors to acquire all the necessary materials and components for your project so they are ready when you are ready to begin work.


Using the process and systems mapping that we work with you on completing, we develop plans for Project Execution, Configuration and Specifications, Quality, Data and Systems Integration, Community Engagement, Testing, and other key business functions to make sure your utility is fully prepared for implementation and can take advantage of the new systems and technology on Day One.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our Program Management services.

Why is Pre-deployment planning important?

Pre-deployment planning helps utilities to effectively manage the complexities of deploying advanced metering systems. Because these projects span multiple departments and systems, planning for that impact ensures the program does not stall due to internal disconnects or poor data flow.

What are some key challenges in Pre-deployment services?

Some key challenges in pre-deployment services include managing stakeholder expectations, dealing with technical complexities, ensuring data security and privacy, and navigating regulatory requirements – all while getting the system that meets or exceeds all your requirements. Additionally, coordinating activities with multiple vendors and integrating new systems with existing infrastructure can be challenging.

How can utilities address these challenges?

Utilities can address these challenges by adopting a comprehensive approach prior to implementation that includes clear communication strategies, robust risk management practices, and thorough stakeholder engagement. They can also benefit from leveraging the expertise of experienced project managers and utilizing proven project management methodologies.

What are UMS’ best practices for pre-deployment?

Our best practices include establishing clear project goals and objectives, understanding your business objectives within your utility, creating a detailed project plan with agreement on the appropriate course of action, regularly monitoring progress and adjusting plans as needed, and ensuring effective communication among all stakeholders. Additionally, conducting thorough testing and training before full deployment can help minimize risks and ensure a successful implementation.

Why should my utility use UMS to help with our pre-deployment services?

UMS has a proven track record with helping utilities engage in this type of process to create roadmaps effectively and efficiently for successful projects. Our experience of doing the work and not just planning it gives us a unique perspective on what items to include at the front end to ensure success.

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